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      Believe it or not, eBay is the 'BEST' opportunity youcan use right now to make money online in thedropshipping business from the comfort of your own home.

Here are a few facts. At the end of this small list you’ll understand the secret power of eBay auction titles: 

  • 79 million times each day buyers use eBay's search box to locate items in which they are interested.

  • eBay's standard search system takes the search words keyed in, and compares them with the titles in its database of 10 million auctions. (Note it doesn’t compare them with sub-titles, nor auction descriptions)

  • If an auction title doesn't contain the words keyed into the search box, the auction won’t get returned in the search list. And that’s another of the 79 million searches you’ve missed out on!

  • If an auction isn't returned in a search list, it can’t be clicked on to have the auction description viewed. 
  Actually, that’s not quite everything. Let’s say you want to create a new auction. Your auction title has three functions:

1) To contain keywords. (Number one on this list for the reason you now know!)
2) To persuade buyers to click through to your auction description page
3) To convey what the item is 

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