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Easy way to get Google Adsense approval

Method 1:

                YouTube is the best and easy way to get ad-sense account.
                         First you must under stand that YouTube is Slightlydifferent from Google Adsense.

Step 1:  Create new G-mail or YouTube Account.

Step 2 :  Upload one video ("Make your video without any background music because YouTube will check weather the background music is yours or pirated, If your music is made by you then you can combine to you video").

Step 3:  Select the best title.

Go Through this video to get Monetization.

Promote :
              Promotion is very important steps to earn money. For promoting you can use Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google+ and Many social network site. Share the links to social community website and get more viewers. I said earlier Keywords is very important and describe in description

After you get Adsense account you will receive Mail like this.

Method 2:     

                 Blogging is the Second method to get a Adsense approval.      

                   First Go to Blogger.com to Create a new Blog .Then generate traffic for the blog to make more money. Then addAdsense . It will be in the Layout Section of your blogger account . It will takes one to days to get verified from Adsense account.

                   When some one click your blog ads you get money. But first you can't able to make much income . When traffic increase then your revenue will automatically increase

Note:- Your content should be unique and it should be more then 15 post.

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