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             Blogging is main stream. The White House Press Office considers bloggers journalists. Companies like domain giant Go Daddy use blogs to send their marketing message into the viral stratosphere.

             Blogs can be the rantings of left wing lunatics, rock stars, opinion makers, or business icons. How about blogs penned by country club wives' investment clubs. Name a topic of interest and there's a blog to go with it.

              The question for the forward thinking marketer is, can blogs be a valuable tool to advertise your product or service? The answer: a resounding yes. Blog advertising is beginning to find its way into the marketing mix for many businesses. It presents the same advantages as ezine or email marketing--an inexpensive, effective, traceable tool.

                        Blog advertising has another attractiveness--The ability to place ads rejected by the Old Media. When the United Church of Christ had its commercials rejected by at least two of the big three TV networks last year, they turned to blog advertising with very nice results, thank you very much!

                        As the marketplace continues to be more fragmented, look for blogvertising to move to the fore. Blogs shape opinion and begin trends. They cater to niche interest groups. Isn't that the audience you want? The one most interested in your product that will tell others. The audience that will finally show you what viral and word of mouth marketing.

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