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How to create a website for beginners


         You have seeing beginners tutorial website, this 

will teach you how to create a website.

Step by Step Guide:
 1. Register 

Your Domain name.

                  The first thing you have to

 do is find a domain name for

 yourself. For example, The site of the

 domain name is www.amazon.com, www.ebay.com ,...


 1. Keep it short.

 2. Combination of short two words will work fine.

     For Example, eBayFreelancer etc.

 3. Choose .com or .net extension.

 4. Think about relevant Keyword

For Register Domain Name Click Here.


2. Create Web hosting:
                 Once you purchased a 

domain name, then you need to 

purchase Web Hosting.

What is Web Hosting ? :

                  An Web Hosting is a company that connect 

your website to WWW(World Wide Web). Every website 

should have hosting company.

There are thousand of Web Hosting Company you have to choose best one.

Click here to register Domain Name and Web Hosting.

 3. Create a Website:

              How to create your website, 

it depends on what kind of website 

you building.

Click here to Create A Website

Types of Website:

1. Personal Website.

    (Eg: WWW.Thomas.bullard.us)

2. Photo Sharing Website.

    (Eg: Flickr.comPhotosite.comPicasa.com, .....)

3. Community Building Website.

    (Eg: Facebook.comMyspace.comGoogle+, .... )

4. Mobile device Website.

    (Eg: Mobile9.comMobilerated.com, .....)

5. Blogging Website.

    (Eg: PES-2013-

Online.blogspot.com,TV2Projector.blogspot.com, ...)

6. Informational Website.

    (Eg: Wikipedia.org, ....)

7. Catalog Website

    (Eg: Anyone who looks to find your company site)

8. E-Commerce Website.

    (Eg: Amazon.comeBay.com, .....)

9. Flash Website or Games Website.

(Eg: Zapak.comMiniclip.com, ....)

There are two categories of Website

*Static Website

*Dynamic Website

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